Celebrating Jenn & the H20 Kids

H20 Church in Ada, Oklahoma is the sort of place that makes you immediately feel at home. Each person you meet is like a long-lost friend. It’s a congregation that operates from a genuine desire to become the hands and feet of Jesus. This house of worship is literally crackling with activity; a deep sense of God’s purpose is tangible from the moment you arrive.

H20 has been a pivotal part of Jennifer and John’s journey, and as a result this church has touched everyone who loves them. In fact, in the midst of our most difficult season, this extended family emerged as a shining light: praying, loving, serving and simply *being* when we needed them the most.

They filled in the gaps in every sense imaginable – literally and spiritually. If you were blessed by them or have experienced something similar in your own life, you understand that there simply aren’t words to adequately express gratitude for such a gift.

In the last month, many of you have made donations in Jennifer’s honor to benefit the H20 Children’s ministry. To date, your generosity will bless this ministry with over $2,600 and honors Jenn’s heart and life’s work in a unique way that will truly leave a legacy of faith; equipping H20 to reach more kids for Jesus.

Jenn’s family, friends and the many children blessed by H20 Church thank you. The next time you’re in Ada, Oklahoma, stop by, say hello and see what God’s up to next in this amazing fellowship of believers.



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3 responses to “Celebrating Jenn & the H20 Kids

  1. We are so honored to be remembered by Jen’s friends and family in this way. We will use these funds in a way that is honoring to Jennifer’s memory. In Jen’s short time here with us in Ada, she touched many lives. We feel blessed that we got to know her. Thank you for the sweet words Nicole. H2O loves you too 🙂

  2. Amen. I’m so thankful for H2O Church and the extended family in Ada! Lord willing, I will be joining you in worship a week from Sunday! Hugs to all!

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