Walking It Out

This weekend several of Jenn’s good friends including Christie NelsonChristy McFarland and Dede McFarland will hit the streets for the Dallas / Fort Worth Susan G Komen 3-Day for the Cure. This event is no easy undertaking; it’s involved intense training (28 weeks!), fundraising ($2,300 minimum per participant) and unwavering personal commitment. We’re talking genuine, above & beyond personal commitment that involves sacrifices like getting up at 3 a.m. for team training on an ongoing basis, financial investment and even unfortunate personal injuries (we’ll consider these a badge of honor, ladies).

This weekend Dede and our “Christy/ies” will walk in memory of Jenn as well as other friends & family who have and are fighting a brave fight against breast cancer. They’ll be sporting these t-shirts as they do so:

Would you please PRAY for these amazing women along with EVERYONE who joins them in Dallas / Fort Worth 3-Day this weekend?


  • Pray for great weather and ideal walking conditions.
  • Pray for endurance and that they would finish well.
  • Pray for physical health and safety and that God would protect them from injury.
  • Pray that God would magnify their energy from start to finish.
  • Pray that God would fortify them emotionally from attack.
  • Pray that they would feel God’s presence and that He would bring about amazing new friendships.
  • Pray for the work that God will do in their hearts during this significant weekend.

If you’d like to support their efforts, you can still donate to Christy NelsonChristie McFarland and DedeMcFarland. Plus, if you’re in the Dallas / Fort Worth area you can head out to a cheer station to voice your support in a more audible way!

Finally, if you’ve recently participated in a similar event in honor of Jennifer or plan to, please let us know. We’d love to acknowledge your efforts, share your story and celebrate the lives that Jenn continues to touch.



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4 responses to “Walking It Out

  1. Barbara

    I am praying too!

  2. Patty Laramore

    You go girls!!! Cheering you on tonight from Franklin, TN. so honored to know you and this courageous thing you are doing in Jenn’s memory! With you in spirit! Bless each one of you!

  3. Christy McFarland

    Thank you Nicole for posting this … we knew (and needed) the encouragement and prayers of everyone! What an amazing weekend it was!

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