Today Looking at Tomorrow

Some things stay the same and some things get better with each passing day.  First, I have been able to completely come off the steroids they started when I was told that it had spread to the brain.  With each day I feel better and feel like I will get back to ‘normal’.  I have to laugh as I write that, will I ever define normal the same?  What’s still the same?  I’m still on driving restriction, this independent girl is learning life lessons through all of this.  God is definitely preparing me and teaching me.

I have had a sweet parade of friends visit.  It is overwhelming the friendships that have journeyed through the years and by the way, how in the world are we old enough to have 20 year friendships?  Aren’t we still 14?  This is crazy!  As my friends have all gone home, John came into town for a visit.  Of course, that was the highlight of my weekend.  We treasure the time we get to be together.  It must be love for him to spend endless hours on the road.

Looking forward to a visit from my mom this week.  We are truly blessed that she is able to come for a visit.  It is never easy to be 1100 miles, 16 hours away during this journey.  We have agreed that God has taken care of all the details, they’ve been able to be here when necessary and able to visit as we need.  We are blessed more than we will ever deserve.

An update, I have a happy hour on Friday with “Jenn’s Juice”.  So far I’ve had 2 since radiation and I’m handling all well.  I will continue with 2 additional happy hours as scheduled for now.  I will have another Brain Scan soon but at this time do not know when.  Both doctors are consulting to make sure it’s the most effective time to get accurate results.  If you ask me, let’s just get it done…God is in the miracle business so no matter what the results I’m going to walk it out with HIM.

Last update, finally got a breakthrough with the Short Term Disability.  You’d never believe me if I told you all the most ridiculous things I’ve heard over the past few weeks.  God provides….the person I got yesterday finally reviewed my claim and approved it.  The best part of this story, she was leaving on vacation today and gone for a week.  If she hadn’t done it yesterday it would have sat there for yet another week.  She was also able to start some other steps in case I need additional benefits for longer amount of time.  She was definitely a God-send yesterday.

“Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O Lord.  They rejoice in your name all day long; they exult in your righteousness.”  —  Psalm 89:15-16



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5 responses to “Today Looking at Tomorrow

  1. \o/ <— me, praising the LORD at the amazing news about the breakthrough in short term disability benefits!!!! In all things His timing is perfect, so thankful to hear this, it made my day! Love & hugs.

  2. So glad that the disability stuff worked out. I know how frustrating that can be!! Love your attitude lady. Write that book!

  3. Ruth Cherry

    Jenn: glad to hear you are so upbeat. I can’t imagine you coping without driving!. Envy you and your Mom your visit, would like to be there to make it a threesome. I know we could have some trouble to get into. Enjoy every moment and know that you are in thoughts. Love, Aunt Ruth

  4. Linda

    Hey Jiff,
    Sounds like you have a great w/e planned. I know you and your Mom will have great fun. Wish we could join you. We haven’t a great game of Dutch Blitz in a long time.
    Will give us something to look forward to when you come home for a visit!!
    Have a great visit!
    Love you,

  5. Linda

    Hey Jiff,
    I know you and your Mom will have a great visit. Wish we were there with you. We need a good game of Dutch Blitz. Haven’t had one in a long time. We can look forward to one on your next long visit home. Have to meet the new fellow also. How are his knees???
    Love you,

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