Radiation Route

Thank you all for your continued messages of encouragement and support.

Today was a big day with the Dr. Munoz, radiation doctor.  He gave us the nitty-gritty, there are multiple tumors on my brain.  There are some large ones in critical areas, specifically on my optical lobes.  These are most critical because they can cause the worst symptoms, blurred vision.  So Dr. Munoz is hopeful that we will have quick results.  The good news, I have responded quickly to the steroids they started on Friday, which means that most of my symptoms were most likely caused by the inflammation not the actual tumors.  All in all, we’re hopeful for good response to the radiation.  He did make it clear that this is a journey not a quick fix.  I continue to pray that God will use this radiation to perform a miracle like none other.  In the next day or so, I will also have to have a spinal cord scan to make sure that the “mets” (metastasized cancer) have not dropped down into my spinal cord.  Although I am at risk that this could happen, we are in a great place for treatment.  Not what I want to face but I rest in peace that I face treatment with confidence.

I feel confident with where we are today.  Tomorrow we meet with the oncologist.  Before my appointment, the radiation doctor and both oncologist will consult to make decisions for course of treatment.  Decisions that need to be determined are chemotherapy with radiation.  The brain has become the urgency but we cannot stop treating the cancer.  This is a very fine science as the toxicity of the chemo can be hard on me with the radiation.  So, tomorrow is big for determining what’s next.  I trust God will go before us and give wisdom to the doctors.  I rest in their determination to work together as a team to handle my case with the utmost care.

Overall, we left today with peace that we are on the right track.  God is giving us a path to walk and I walk boldly into it knowing that He is guiding me.  We celebrate the opportunity that John has to be with me tomorrow as we meet with Dr. Kerr to learn the next steps.

On a personal note, life is moving forward with John as we continue to watch God write our love story.  God has begun to lead us in a direction that we have both been feeling and we are excited to watch it all unfold.  We stand in awe of all the Lord is doing and showing us.  It’s time to welcome the newest member on our journey and I’m saving him a seat right next to me. 🙂

“The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.”  — Psalm 29:11

“I trust in you, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.”  —  Psalm 31:14



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2 responses to “Radiation Route

  1. Patty Laramore

    Father, you know all before we have an inkling of any of it. We raise our voices in unity and boldness petitioning for the opportunity to make You famous in Jenn’s circumstances among any on the peripheral of this experience who don’t yet know You because You know we WILL go and tell! Guide John safely to his welcome place next to Jenn’s side. We have no reason to be surprised that You would design this love story in the midst of SUCH BIG STUFF, but we are delighted at Your timing and rejoice yet again in Your promise in truth that LOVE CONQUERS ALL…and You, Father, love us perfectly. I ask that You would pour out Your shalom peace on Jenn, John, parents, and all friends as another step in the journey unfolds tomorrow. We rejoice in all things! In Jesus’ name…

  2. Sue Scrivner

    Jennifer, even though we haven’t met. I have in close contact with John and want you to know that we are praying for you. The peace that you have and the confidence in our precious Savior is the greatest gift.
    God has brought you John and he is a gift from God to you. You are a gift to him. Praying so much for you in all areas of your life.
    Just want you to know that John is a very special person.
    Can’t wait to meet you.
    Sue Scrivner

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