The Results Are In

Good Saturday morning, as most may know, I had a doctor appointment yesterday to receive the results from my brain scan.  The results are in and the news is not good.  They have found multiple spots on the base of my brain.  We’ve known all along that this was a high possibility.  How does this happen?  Well, first know that the chemo does not penetrate the brain and therefore it’s always at risk.  What now?  We have stopped chemotherapy and will immediately go to radiation.  They will do radiation directly to the base of my brain and spinal cord.  I am reminded that radiation was an effective treatment when the cancer was in the lymph nodes in my chest and I believe that it will be effective here too.

I am grateful for Dede and Meghan as they sat with me to process all of the information with the doctor.  We were given the facts and next steps but we do not have long-term plans or big picture from the doctor yet.  Immediate next steps, they have started me on steroids to reduce the swelling that is causing the pressure on my brain that causes the numbness and spotty vision.  I have an appointment with the radiation doctor on Monday to map the radiation treatment and will begin that immediately.  I will see Dr. Kerr on Tuesday afternoon.

Yesterday I witnessed once again as friends and family interrupted their lives to circle around me to pray, serve and love me well.  Friends stayed with me, my team (co-workers) circled with me in prayer, my parents set out to make their way to Dallas and John is with me, I could not ask for more.

Although it is not well with my circumstances it is well with my soul.  I truly have peace that surpasses understanding.  I do not fear this, I believe and trust God will deliver me through this.  The miracle just got a little bigger.  He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords He will not waste this.  I stand on His word and promises.  Hear when I say, I have seen too much not to.

Here’s my devotion from this very morning, how can I not believe Him?

TRUST ME IN EVERY DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE.  Nothing is random in My kingdom.  Everything that happens fits into a pattern for good, to those who love Me. Instead of trying to analyze the intricacies of the pattern, focus your energy on trusting Me and thanking Me at all times.  Nothing is wasted when you walk close to Me.  Even your mistakes and sins can be recycled into something good, through My transforming grace.

While you were still living in darkness, I began to shine the Light of My Presence into your sin-stained life.  Finally, I lifted you up out of the mire into My marvelous Light. Having sacrificed My very Life for you, I can be trusted in every facet of your life.

Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

“But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.  He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream.  It does not fear when heat comes;  its leaves are always green.  It has not worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”  —  Jeremiah 17:7-8

“”And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  —  Romans 8:28



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11 responses to “The Results Are In

  1. Pam

    As I sat behind the wheel for my two hour drive home last night, I cried out to God. “this isn’t fair, God,” “why are you allowing this to happen?” And, He very plainly said, ” to reveal MY glory.”
    We do not understand. We cannot see the big picture, but HE does.

    I love you!

  2. Jen, I’m crying and praying with you! I am so blessed by your steadfastness of faith. Thank you, for sharing your story. Much love and many hugs your way!

  3. Shareese Rowland

    my heart hurts. I am continuing to pray for the Lord to give you the Peace that surpasses all understanding, will to FIGHT THIS FIGHT, perseverance, hope, love, strength, rest, and steadfast recovery.
    love to you sweet Jenn, you are an amazing example to me.

  4. Christy Mac

    Jenn, there are few words that fully express the thoughts and emotions that swirled yesterday. Thankful for Dede, Meghan, and FT to walk through yesterday with you. Trusting God to show Himself in a mighty way in your life, as well as your family and friends. May our faith be unwavering…our love for you is not!

    Much love and huge hugs,

  5. So sorry to hear that news. Praying for you, friend. Thanks for letting us share in your journey.

  6. Diane

    My friend, I continue to pray for you. You have shown me so much Jenn with your faith and your trust in our Lord. I am truly blessed to call you a friend. KayKay sends you hugs and kisses and so do I.
    I love you,

  7. Ronda

    Like we talked about earlier today, Jen. Nothing is random. God is the Great Orchestrator. We’ve been blessed to witness his orchestration. Goes right along with Romans 8:28. I believe you’re right God has more ahead for you to accomplish. He will give you all that you need to do it.
    Love You!

  8. I just found out @ church this AM. We prayed for you, I cried immediately. I’m sorry that you are facing this, I like what the first commenter heard from the Father though. That’s a promise right there. You hold on tight to that. He is a Mighty God, and He is bigger than disease, attack, fear, and insecurity.

    Your faith is an example!!!!! Our family is lifting you up!

  9. Tausha

    I am continually amazed at your faithfulness and the army God has put together for you. I am proud to be a soldier of God for you. I try not to ask God why…it is so tough sometimes but I am confident AND it is evident He has you in the palm of His hand no matter what news may come.
    I love you and am praying for you my friend.

  10. Kelly Morgan

    Jen, I am just getting home and reading this and could not fight back the tears. I can’t believe all that is being thrown your way and yet you continue to face it with such courage and strength. You are indeed a true inspiration to me and so many others! I will continue to lift you up in my prayers daily! I am sending all my love! I wish I were there to give you a big hug! My sememster ends the end of April and I want to plan a trip out to see you in May!
    Love you more than words can say,

  11. Joan & John Boudreaux

    Jenn, Meghan sent us an e-mail yesterday with the link to your blog. I stayed up late last night reading about your journey. You are an amazing woman. Your body has been through so much and some how you find a way to stay so up beat. You are a true inspiration. Please know that we are thinking about you and will keep you in our prayers.
    Joan and John

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