Done with Radiation

Glad that is over….it wasn’t painful, it was easy, a few side effects…then what’s the problem? Freedom! I feel like I got my time back. You don’t really think about it until you an appointment every morning, to do the same thing over and over again. Oh my, I’m so glad to be done with that.

The best part is that it’s one step closer to putting all of this behind me. I finally feel like I’ve completed something. A little hiccup along the way, someone took the bus for an off road adventure. We’re back on track and we’ve just accomplished a major milestone. Done.

I did get a little snapshot of the latest piece of radiation equipment. If you remember last week I posted a picture of the big machine that was “beaming” radiation into my body. Well, here’s what delivered the last 8 doses of radiation…..

Amazing to me! It must have been some powerful radiation because Dr. Munoz had to be present and see me for every treatment. Not the case with the previous 28 treatments. All I can say is it better work.

I continue to pray that God will continue to heal my body quickly. The radiation stays in my body for about 4 weeks after treatment. I have been told that reconstructive won’t be considered for 4-6 months after radiation to allow the skin to return “normal”. It is my prayer that God would heal me quickly.

In addition, my friends Nicole and Christy came to Dallas last weekend and we have been up to something….all I can say is mark your calendars for October 15-17th. Details coming soon. I can guarantee you won’t want to miss this. Stay tuned….

“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” — Psalm 37:4



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2 responses to “Done with Radiation

  1. Christy Mac

    Can’t wait till the weekend of October 15th!!!! 🙂

    Yay! for a completing radiation!!!!
    Love, Christy

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