Happy Hour

I think I seriously disappointed the waiter this evening when all I ordered was an iced tea.  He overheard me say it had been a long day and he thought I was gonna order ’em up.  I did however enjoy a great time with the ladies.  It’s so fun being a lady.  God has truly blessed me with great friends. 

I’ve had a good week.  I really feel like I’m living a normal life: work, friends, a date here and there, oh and the daily trip to the hospital.  No biggie, just goin’ about my business.  The key is pace, it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon.  And I am ready for the finish line.  I’m really doing well.  I feel good, my energy is staying up.  I’ve had a day or two that I’ve felt sluggish but most days I feel normal.  Today marked the halfway point for radiation.  Tomorrow also completes week 1 of 12 weeks of chemo treatments. 

I’m so excited for the weekend.  I can hardly wait, I had to get special permission from the doctor…. (if you know my little secret, don’t spoil it)  For the rest of you, stay tuned.  I’ll keep you updated.  No questions and no guessing.  I will tell you all about it, I promise.

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  — Psalm 118:24



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3 responses to “Happy Hour

  1. Karen

    So glad to read the smile on your face!!!! Thankful for your energy being up and feeling life is “normal”. When you have the ok for those maragritas let me know and Linds. and I said we would be there and they are on us. hehehe.
    love ya friend,

  2. Amanda Ortega

    I want to know…secret, so proud of you love u!

  3. Kristie

    I’ve been thinking of you. glad you are having a good week. can’t wait to hear what this little surprise is all about.

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