It’s Back

Results are in….the spot is malignant.  No worries, Dr. Laidley has an action plan.  PET scan tomorrow morning, surgery on Monday and she’s trying to get me into a clinical trial.  They are optimistic that the spot can be removed and radiation is the best fight against it for now.  In addition, my case is being presented to get me into clinical trial for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  After research it looks like this could be an effective treatment.  It is a trial for metastasized breast cancer and although my doctor ensures me that I do not have that it is proven successful to rebuild DNA to stop the growth of tumors.  So it will take some convincing from Dr. Laidley to get me into the study.  My prayer is that I would be admitted into the clinical trial.

I continue to depend on the Lord in my time of need.  As I was processing thru the possibilities last night, there were many times that I found myself discouraged but immediately prayed that God would renew and restore my body.  This morning I was encouraged in His word.  My morning devotion reminded me that I can achieve the victorious life through living dependent on Him.  As I read, I was encouraged and then I went to the scripture and He brought it all home for me.  This scripture is one that He gave me last year during a painful season….

“The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.  The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”  — Psalm 34:17-18

That scripture was a reminder of what I had been through; But it was the verses that followed that gave me hope that surpasses all understanding…

“A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all; he protects all his bones, not one of them will be broken.”  — Psalm 19-20

“We live by faith, not by sight.”  — 2 Corinthians 5:7



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11 responses to “It’s Back

  1. Amazing verses of promise and encouragement from the One that can deliver completely, unconditionally and just in time. Praying for you my friend.

  2. Christy Mac

    You rock! “No worries.”

    Your life is a reflection of God and His glory and honor. And yet … I am so sorry you find yourself in the midst of such trials and constant “surprise”. I imagine “bored” would be a welcome change!

    Thankful for your medical team. Thankful that your strength is from the Lord … and continuing to pray that you find yourself with people, in places and moments, of safety and trust that allow you to be weak.

    Praying for the PET scan … and your heart/mind!
    Much love, Christy

  3. Karen

    I must say you have an AWESOME medical group. But even more so an AWESOME God!!!
    Your docs sound like you are on top of their list of care, as it should be. 🙂
    Praying for the PET scan….and your doc. hoping to get you in that trail. Lots of prayers for you this week.
    Love Karen

  4. Gayle Sahlin

    Praying for your PET scan and that you get into the trial. A verse from Isaiah 32:17 this morning – “The fruit of righteousness will be peace, the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.” I pray that you will dwell in His quiet sanctuary far away from the hard press of all that you’re going through. You bring His presence & joy with you everywhere you are which shines and encourages others with His love and your faith strengthens others. To Him be the glory! His compassion NEVER fails.
    Love & fervent prayers,

  5. Suzanne

    Thinking of you and praying for you daily Jenn. Your faith during this time is a blessing to me and I am sure to many others. Thank you my friend. Love you.

  6. Adding my prayers to all the many already said. You are such an amazing and strong woman, yet know you are human too. Pray for your heart and comfort during this time of uncertainty. You are loved by all of us. Still available for a CFA hookup anytime you need one….

  7. Shareese Rowland

    Sweet Jenn,
    Continuing to pray for you as you battle this!! Thank you again for sharing your journey with us, God is TRULY using you and your attitude in my life…LOVE YOU GIRL,

  8. Tausha

    My heart is overwhelmed for you. I love the the way God speaks into your heart. I am so thankful that you’re tuned into His word. I can’t imagine you going through all this without it. Nothing is greater than He!
    Love you! Let me know if you need company.

  9. Deanne

    I try to check your blog daily because I never know what you’re up against but I know who is your strength. I am amazed at your continued optimism and I pray that God will continue to be your refuge and constant help in everything you encounter. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily.
    May you continue to rock on with his radiance.
    Thank you for sharing Him and how He is constantly ready for each step along the way in this journey.
    Love you!


  10. Dawn

    Continued prayers for you Jenn – I am so sorry to read this but you amaze me & others. So thankful for your medical team.

  11. Jan Wyrick

    So sorry to hear of this latest developement. We know that God is in control. You continue to be in my Prayers as well as many here in Okla.

    Love you, Jan

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