All Clear

Great day!!!!  Started with a visit with Dr. Laidley, surgeon.  Upon entering the room, she announced “margins are all clear”.  Music to my ears.  The best news I’ve heard in a long time.  Then we negotiated drain removal, she will be working this weekend so I’m free to call any time once the fuid gets below a certain amount.  I’m counting on that happening tomorrow.  I should go ahead and schedule that appointment. 

From Dr. Laidley’s visit I went to Dr. Kerr’s, oncologist.  I had another great visit there.  He sat down with my mom, my aunt and myself to have the “what now” conversation.  I now have a radiation doctor on the team.  I haven’t met him yet but both doctors have talked to him about me.  I feel like I’m waiting for the ultimate set up, and the guy has my number and the girl waits for him to call.  I will move onto radiation now with chemo mixed in.  It doesn’t sound like fun but it does sound like the most effective treatment to fight my cancer.  I feel confident that this is the best course of action.   The chemo will not start for a few weeks as Dr. Kerr is waiting for some additional tests.  It seems that I have an exemplary case of breast cancer.  Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that we don’t believe the doctors see this every day?  Well, when Dr. Laidley removed my tumor she sent it off to 2 different labs in the U.S.  There are only 2 labs in the country that are testing tissue by growing it in the lab to test different chemo medicines to see which drugs the cancer responds to.  This is isn’t a guarantee because you can’t recreate our natural tissue and our body make-up in the lab but it can help the doctor make decisions.  In addition to waiting for these test results, Dr. Kerr is presenting my case before a board of oncologist next week at a conference.   He is seeking input from additional experts on my case.  I feel confident that my doctors are doing everything they can to help me fight the fight.

It truly has been a great day.  And for the first time since this journey began, I feel that I had a “normal” doctor appointment not just one but two.  Today was a good day.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.  Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me – put it into practice.  And the God of peace will be with you.”  — Philippians 4:8-9



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8 responses to “All Clear

  1. Nicole Knox

    What a great day! I’m so thankful for your awesome team of doctors. God really pulled together the “A” team on your behalf! Hope the drain is gone quickly, and I see it as a good sign that you are already “negotiating” with Dr. Laidley. Hugs & lots of love, friend.

  2. mcfchr

    What a great post to read tonight! I’m glad you have a few weeks of relative “rest” … and, so glad your Mom was able to be there for the doctor’s visit!!!! What good news for her to hear in person!
    Love to you,

  3. Kristie

    Look forward to seeing you soon, friend. I’m glad to hear you had a good day with no big surprises. Love you –

  4. Karen

    Thank you God for a great day!!! I can see you smiling while reading this. So glad you had a great day!! Love ya friend. Karen

  5. Kelly Morgan

    Hey girl!!! So glad to hear you had a great day with great news!!! I hope things continue to go will with no more big surprises! I love ya friend! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Diane

    I am so happy for you my friend. Glad that the day went well and that you have your mom and aunt here with you. I will continue to keep you in prayer. Love you,

  7. Winnetta

    Woo-Hoo!!! So happy for you!

  8. Deanne

    Way to go God! We are so excited for you!

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