4.7 lbs Lifted off My Chest

That’s right folks 4.7 lb tumor.  I’m so grateful it is gone.  I begged them to get me a scale so I could weigh in, I want it updated on my chart.  It’s still hard to believe that all is gone on the right side but I feel so much better.  The surgery pain is actually less than the weight that was pulling on my right side. 

My surgeon, Dr. Laidley is an amazing woman and physician.  She has taken great interest in me and my care.  Everyone I have come in contact with has said, “she is the best”.  I truly believe the Lord has placed me in her care.  I cannot express enough how tender hearted and brilliant she is.  I could not ask for more.

I have made it through day 1 in the hospital with flying colors.  My personal nurse, a.k.a mom, has taken great care of me assisting me with meals, bathing, dressing and moving around.  I was able to be up and enjoy my visitors today, not going to let a little surgery keep this girl down.  Dad was here as well, keeping us on our toes being fiesty as usual.  All in all a great day.

Thank you to all who’ve called, visited and been praying.  I could not walk thru this without you. 

“Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him for God is our refuge”  –Psalm 62:8



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6 responses to “4.7 lbs Lifted off My Chest

  1. Christy McFarland

    So great to read your voice and spirit in the entry today. Sandi Facebook’ed earlier that you were your feisty self and already giving the nurses a hard time … I loved hearing that!

    Continuing to pray for you and your parents. Thankful for the good news … and I definitely support the lobbying for new #’s on your chart! 🙂

    Love, Christy

  2. Erin

    I would do the same thing, weigh me now before this hospital food puts that weight back on! Love you girl!!!!

  3. Winnetta

    4.7 lbs. That is almost a small baby! Wow! Glad to hear you are up and about. What a way to lose weight, though… Praying for you continually. Can’t wait to meet you back at work! Love ya!

  4. There’s an old saying that they can’t keep a good woman down. And I think that is a saying for you. Just enjoy your mom being there and helping you out. That’s are what mom’s are for. And she is where she wants to be. Tell her hello for me.
    I’m still praying for you and your family.
    We love you.

  5. Tausha

    So glad you’re recovering well! Nadia & I had a great time with Lil Bit, Princess & Papop. We watched part of a Christmas movie together. 😉 So glad you have them here with you and amazed by the caregivers God has specifically placed with you. Praying for a speedy recovery, comfort and great memories with your folks. They are precious!

  6. Shareese Rowland

    So glad to hear you are home!

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