Shedding Happens

What a day!  We kicked off the day with a little surprise for our friend, Christie. Our friend Christy flew into town last night to visit me for the weekend so we decided to keep it a secret.  Our timing was perfect to surprise Christie with a pre-birthday celebration so off to breakfast we went this morning.  Christie was a bit surprised when she opened the door and I was not alone.  I love surprises, they make me smile.  After breakfast we were off to pick up my new ‘do, more fun to be had in the wig salon.  Mine was a perfect fit but of course I tried on a couple new ones.  I am blessed to have friends to walk each step of this journey with me as today was another milestone.  God’s timing is so perfect.  My hair has begun to fall out.  I’m shedding worst than any 4-legged house pet.  I was in good company as I had to deal with the reality in the salon so I wore my new ‘do out the door.  Funniest moment to follow, was the confused look on the guy’s face at the service station when I returned to pick up my car after an oil-change.  

We continued the celebration over a few of our favorites, pupusas and margaritas.  Laughter and girl talk is the best medicine and the best way to celebrate.  Later we were off to see “A Christmas Carol” in Imax 3-D.  An experience we won’t soon forget and it had nothing to do with the movie.  Let’s just say we laughed until we cried.  We girls just wanna have fun, so we did. 

Reflections of the day:  Life continues even the midst of dealing with cancer but today my battle becomes public.  As I deal with loosing my hair there is a sense of vulnerability, a sense of taking a mask off.  Something that is happening on the inside is now visible on the outside. 

“Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”  — Psalm 34:5



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5 responses to “Shedding Happens

  1. Erin

    And the brazillian… 🙂 Miss you friend! I just registered for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Dallas and it benefits Komen! It is March 14th! I will have to write your name on my shirt or something! And OBVIOUSLY I will wear pink 🙂

  2. What a day it was! I’m still laughing and crying! 😉 So glad to be able to walk this journey with you. Thanks for letting us!

  3. Amy Holck

    Jen, I am continuing to pray for you in this journey that you are on. I cannot even come close to imagining all the feelings and emotions bouncing back and forth inside of you. (and probably outside at times too). I pray specifically for your significance to continue to come from your Father as you go through this latest challenge of losing your hair. I watched firsthand as my mom started this journey (and continues the fight today). I watch a woman who LOVES good hair days lose that ability. And at the same time, I watched a strong woman find strength and security without good hair days. I pray you find a sense of strength that you’ve never known. Again, I am unable to come close to knowing how that feels inside and out, but I can pray.

    Thank you for your vulnerability, your smiles, laughter and tears. The Lord is doing mighty things!

    Psalm 37:23-24
    “The Lord makes firm the steps of those who delight in Him; though they stumble, they will not fall, for the LORD upholds them with his hand.”

  4. Wait, did I mention thanks for the great birthday weekend? It was such a blast! Thanks for holding the suprise visitor hostage and for hanging all weekend!

  5. Christy McFarland

    So glad and honored to be with you this weekend. Wish there was a way to put into words my prayers and hopes for you. Your strength and beauty in the midst of weakness is a sight to behold!
    Love to you!

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