Wiggin’ Out (turn up the volume)



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23 responses to “Wiggin’ Out (turn up the volume)

  1. So weird to see you with long hair! You look gorgeous in all of them, seriously. Nice job Nicole with the video editting.

  2. Joni

    Jenn, you look absolutely gorgeous! I will finally be back in town tomorrow night from extended road trips. Look forward to seeing you.

  3. Pam

    Long hair….kinda 12ish :O) I was like, woah…she looks like one of Amber’s classmates! HEEHEE! You look amazing in any of them, but the short little hip one….SOOOO CUTE!!

  4. This made me smile! Loved it! Sorry I could not come up for dindin! I’m feeling better. Pretty sure it was just allergies! Oh and I love the sassy short “this is it” one! love you, Christie

  5. mcfchr

    I love the short, sassy one too! So you!! Most of all … I loved the laughs! 🙂
    Love you!
    (the other or another) Christy

  6. curry

    HOW FUN!!! I too like the short sassy and the color is so cute on you! You could wear any of the styles b/c you have a wonderful shape to your face, very versatile. I’m so jealous that you get to explore the changes of your hair without having to cut or color it! ha. loveyou

  7. Mel

    Jenn, you look great, and I love how much fun you were having. Good job Nic, you are both amazing women. I wish I was closer to do more. Love you.

  8. Karen

    Loved the one you picked!!! How fun to try on all diff. styles. I must admit the one with you in the really long one….all I could see was you singing ” I got you babe…” LOL.
    Eddie and Katie and I all watched it….it made us all smile and laugh out loud!!
    love ya friend.

  9. Sandi

    HOW FUN!!! I love the one you picked out 🙂

  10. Joycie

    Hello sweet girl~ Boy what great looking hairdo’s……you look totally hot in the long red one (second one on video)…..love the really short blond one (another hot color on you) and then there is also the last one you tried on…….can you get all 3?

    Love ya baby girl……your other “Mom and Dad” are so very proud of you – always in our prayers.

  11. Barbara

    You looked amazing in all of them! Really, really loved the last one…Absolutely gorgeous, girl!

  12. Love the last one the best but of course you look gorgeous in them all! You are such an inspiration and I love you so much!!!

  13. Deanne

    Love your inner beauty and to see all the fun you were having! I too, loved the last one!

  14. Erville Orndorff

    Jen, you looked great in all of them. It would be difficult for me to make a choice. With the shape of your face you can wear any or all of them.

    You are such an inspiration. Erville

  15. Shareese Rowland

    Love the hair! you are beautiful in all lengths and colors!! I loved the last one…I wish i could wear my hair like that!!
    Praying for you on your journey!!

  16. Erin

    You are amazing! Loved the video, the laughs and of course the variety! You are a short hair girl for sure, but I also really liked the long dark one on you! Can’t wait to see you in them! Miss you!

  17. Kelly Morgan

    This made me smile! You are so amazing and looked beautiful in every single one but the last is definitely it! You just glowed! I love you my friend!

  18. Terri Prout

    Sassy and short. Notice I put the sassy first.
    Wonder why?
    You’re a knock out in all, but I do like the flippy short one.
    Remember that you are the leader of a tribe of fans. A head dress goes with the territory.

    God bless.

  19. Lauri Rettinger

    I love love love the last one – the one that you picked!!! It looks sooooo good on you! That was a fun video – I bet you had a good time!

  20. Amanda Ortega

    You are so stinking beautiful! Loved the video, it brought happy tears to my eyes..what a great song to put it with…your face is beautiful..I like you with long and short hair, think short hair accents your face most! xoxo

  21. Kay Burdeshaw

    OMG!!! I love the color of the one you picked out. It suits you totally! It made me want a wig – you get to have perfect hair everyday!:) Thanks for sharing such a personal moment with the rest of us. You make me want to be a better person. Hugs!

  22. Diane

    Just got a chance to look at the video. LOVE IT! Nicole did an awesome job! Yes, you did go with the right one! Miss Sassy!
    Love to you.

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