Telling His Story

It has been a great day.  Truly a day of rest.  We started with church,  lunch and then a restful afternoon complete with coffee from a friend. 

I ran into a friend of a friend this morning on the way into church and of course the subject came up.  As this friend shared that he would be praying for me I began to think should I have said anything?  When is it appropriate and when should I keep it to myself?  The Lord spoke to me in church and answered my thoughts, “don’t be freakish walking up to every stranger telling them or wear large obnoxious buttons that say ‘I have cancer’ “.  Then He whispered, “I’ve given you a voice and I want you to use it for Me”.  This is all new to me and as I navigate these unchartered waters I lean completely on our Father.  So, I will share with those who will join our army to pray and continue to use this story to tell His story.   This friend this morning, promised to join us so I rest assured that God is enlisting many to enlarge our army of prayer warriors.  He will have the victory.

Thru this week I have watched friendship transform to family.  I have watched strangers gather with heavy hearts to pray healing over me.  I have watched a friend and a mom interrupt their lives to be by my side for doctors appointments and tests.  I have watched as friends far and near have prayed, emailed and sent encouraging messages continuously.  You all have been Jesus in the flesh for me this week.  I applaud all of you for being available for the Father to use in my time of need.  I know it’s overwhelming, sad and uncomprehendable but through it all you have been a tremendous support.  I know there will come a time when I will be calling on many of you to help with the day to day stuff, please know that will be the hardest part of all of this.  The doctors have told me not to try to be Superwoman, so here’s the deal I can’t be Superwoman so I will need a few Superheroes. 

The greatest superhero of all has already equipped us all with all that we need to conquer this battle.

“That’s right because I, your God , have a firm grip on you and I’m not letting go.  I’m telling you, don’t panic.  I’m right here to help you.”  – Isaiah 41:13



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5 responses to “Telling His Story

  1. mcfchr

    Isn’t it sweet when you hear God’s whispers?

    Strangely … but not so strange … I was/am glad to read your statement, “I can’t be Superwoman”. Thankful for your humility and praying that friends near and far will be prompted to step in before you even know you need them/us. 🙂

    Anxiously praying for a prompt call from insurance tomorrow!
    Sleep well my friend …
    Love, (the other) Christy

  2. In response to request for superheros: Have cape, will travel.

    It’s soooo hard to stay put right now. But I’m poised and ready to run when the time is right. I’m so thankful for all that God is doing in your life and heart right now as you continue to praise him through it all! HUGE HUGS to you, mom, Pam and dad. You’d better believe that the west coast contingency is lifting you all up in love and claiming the miraculous on your behalf.

    P.S. When I do come, you can bet that I’ll arrive with a cape for you, too. And it will probably have a lot of sequins. 🙂

  3. Tausha Esparza

    Continuing to pray for you, of course! Missing spending time with you too…even though it was just recently that we were able to do so. Please feel free to call on me whenever, where ever, and I will come running my friend. I wait on pins & needles for news from the insurance company and your biopsy results.
    I think you should know that I have been praying that you would continue to feel his presence and have been surprised at how I feel his presence through YOU and this circumstance you are going through.
    I love the scripture you’ve been using at the end of your blogs!

    Love you and know I am with you in spirit through all this.

  4. curry

    KNOW that your story is greatly encouraging so many others as you share your heart as He touches you and moves you to a new place. Thank you for plucking the Word for amazing morsels of true food that nourishes and sharing them as you are being fed yourself. Praying? OF COURSE! What a privilege. Thank you for allowing us to walk with you through this time. love you. –curry

  5. Karin

    My cape is dry cleaned and ready when I need to put it on!!

    Love you friend.

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