Here We Go….

First let me say that I am overflowing with gratitude.  I did not anticipate that all of you would read my story.  I am so encouraged and it inspires me to keep going.  I will admit, there’s a little pressure to do a good job as not to disappoint anyone.  🙂

Today has been a good spirits day meaning I’ve been in good spirits, no not the drink kind.  We have officially started the process, a little less talk and a lot more action.  Started with a biopsy this morning.  Let me tell you that was an experience.  I did fall in love with a couple needles today, the ones that deliver the numbing “stuff”.  For the record, I really like those.  If I could order up a few of those throughout the day this wouldn’t be so bad.  There were 3 biopsies done.  The first was done in the lymphnode, the second was of the skin and the last was done in the mass.  I will confess I got nausous in between the first two procedures, mostly because I got too warm.  If you want to stop doctors in their tracks tell them you think you’re going to throw up and all of sudden they will do anything to prevent that from happening.  No seriously, they were awesome and kind.  I truly love my doctor and her staff, probably a good thing since she and I will be spending lots of time together.  Once she was able to finish her job without me interupting, she said she feels confident that she got good samples, she believes the skin is clear (that’s a very good thing), and she should have results by Monday.  To define what’s good and what’s not, the most important thing about my cancer is that it’s a mass (tumor) in the breast.  It does not appear to be inflammatory, that would be bad.  Mass seems to be contained versus inflammatory being all in the tissue and skin.  Let’s celebrate that for a moment, I got the right kind if you’ve gotta have it!

Once we were done with the biopsies, she gave me a reality check.  The oncologist has ordered the port.  A what?  When?  That’s right, we’re wasting no time.  He’s in the know and he’s taking charge.  I like a man who takes charge of the situation.  With that said, I breathed a little easier when she said next week, Wednesday to be exact.  Well, I haven’t met a port I didn’t like yet so come next week I’ll get the port and set sail.  Once we have the pathology report they’ll know what ingredients will be in Jenn’s Juice and we’ll start with cocktails.  Happy Hour will take on a whole new meaning.  Although I still prefer the old fashioned kind. 

Let’s not forget, I get to have a PET scan too.  Although, this one has been scheduled for Monday but of course we’re at the mercy of the insurance company’s coverage of the payment.  I’ll fight cancer all day long please don’t make me fight the insurance company.  There’s a prayer request if I’ve ever heard one, that the insurance company will pay. 

Today is a good day, I feel good, a little tired but good.  I realize how fortunate I am to be where I’m at for “such a time as this”.  I truly believe that this year has been what it has for God to prepare me for this journey.  Our relationship has been the sweetest and most intimate of my life.  He is faithful, comforting and the lover of my soul.  I could not ask for more.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  I love you all and promise that I could not do this without you.  God has woven our lives together for a reason and we will one day celebrate the outcome.

‘You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”  – Psalm 16:11



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10 responses to “Here We Go….

  1. Hi, I am Sandi Edgar’s Mother, and I have you in many prayers. Be strong and poke fun! Humor and Faith will get you through! Judy

  2. Loni

    I am Sandi’s best friend up in Arkansas! We are praying for you and I am also reading along! She’s the best girl in the world and I am thrilled that you have her to vent on. I’ve been warming her up for years, so she has a lot of experience!

  3. mcfchr

    “Haven’t met a port you didn’t like.” … now that’s funny. 🙂

    You have been in my thoughts and prayers all day. When possible, rest in the knowledge that while you are, literally, fighting the physical battle there are men and women covering you in prayer and asking God for many “graces” throughout the process.

    Lots and lots of love, Christy

  4. Claudia Marks

    Jenn, you crack me up! Your humor has been missed by this girl! And how your love and trust in our Lord is so uplifting! A great work will surely be done in you!

  5. Erin

    Even in writing about this yuck, I can hear the joy in your voice! Praying for you sweet lady! And seriously, the title of this blog makes me giggle, everytime I read it!!

  6. Janine

    Who knew you were such a good writer? Are you sure you did not make all this up just to showcase your writing abilities? This will all turn into a book, then a movie… Cancer who? Bring on the book tour.
    Praying for you my friend, and trully enjoying your blog. BTW, one of the benefits of unemployment is the flexibility. So just say the word and I’ll be there, for cocktail hour or any hour you need.

  7. Kristie

    I agree with Janine – you have been a closet writer. I look forward to reading your blog every day.
    Your attitude is inspiring. I look forward to walking with you on this journey and helping in any way possible. Can’t wait to hear what Beth Moore had to teach you.
    Love you friend!

  8. Sandy Stephens

    Hey Jenn,

    Sending love and prayers your way. I continue to be so amazed at how beautifully you write and organize your thoughts to us. I don’t think I would have such peace of mind. Glad the biopsy is behind you. Praying for the best possible news. You are loved! 🙂

  9. Karen

    I love reading your blog…you are really good at writting. I love your humor.
    Never thought you would be “felt up” so much in one week did you…LOL LOL. Sorry had to through some humor in there to. Keep doing what your doing !!!! This will all be behind you before you know it. Love ya and praying HARD!! (also have you on our church prayer list)

  10. What grace, elegance and your sense of humor intact! My aunt has invasive ductal breast cancer that spread to her lymphnodes and I have been going over to help her through chemo. I am well versed in all sorts of cocktail concoctions that make her chemo day tolerable! It’s amazing how far they’ve come and how great the new drugs are. At any rate, I believe a Sex in the City moment is required when Nicole, Janine and I come to eat popsicles with you!

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