In the Waiting Room

Day 2 has been long, emotional and full of love.  I have been so encouraged by all the notes, text messages and phone calls.

Cancer wants me to feel defeated, lonely and sad.  Well, I’m here to say God is bigger and he already has the victory.   You my friends have been amazing.  Thank you for all your comments, text messages and words of encouragement.  You have made my day.

I now have new friends, a surgeon and an oncologist.  I met the surgeon today and I really like her, I think you will too, her name is Dr. Laidley.  She made a great impression with all of us today.  She won us all over with her prescription of margaritas.  So of course we followed doctors orders and went straight to the nearest Happy Hour.  Laughter is good medicine.  I have yet to meet the oncologist, I hear he/she should be coming around next week.  All I can say is that oncologist has a lot to live up to.

Well, down to the real business of the day.  After examination by the surgeon she has set our next few days in motion.  First, I have a day of rest tomorrow, no one asking me to undress from the waste up so they can look, poke and examine.  Friday, the race begins first up a biopsy.  A couple samples will be taken from the mass and the lymphnode.  A few rounds of blood samples and that should be enough to call it a day.  Monday will be a PET scan, this is an in depth look at my entire body.  Once we have the results of these tests we’ll set out on our course of action, first up will be a special cocktail, one I’m going to call “jenn’s juice”.  More commonly known as chemotherapy.  Once jenn’s juice does it’s magic we’ll look to surgery to remove the mass.

So for now I sit in the waiting room ready to get this party started.  I look forward to the day when God says that’s enough and I walk away leaving cancer behind.

Friends and family, know this, I cannot walk this journey without you.  You are as important if not more important than all the doctors and specialist in the world.  I truly believe you are my army and God has enlisted us to fight the good fight.

I love you all and would not want to walk this without you.

See you tomorrow.


Lauri Rettinger

Hi Jennifer –

I have been thinking about you and praying for you since your first post hit Facebook. You can count on tons of prayer and support from your FT family! Not only are you a strong woman, but I can tell you’re a fighter! Thanks for starting this blog – so we can keep up on your progress. Let me know if I can do anything to help – oh wait, I KNOW I can help you with your prescription for margaritas!! Just tell me when!

Take good care of yourself and I’ll keep praying.



I do like the surgeon already!

I am so sad that this is a path you are being asked to walk. I am thankful to know you have a faith that will endure.

You are loved dearly … Christy


Sarah Perrin

: ) you make me smile!

I love ya



Kelly Morgan

I love you and am so proud of you!!! You are so strong!!! I am with you every step of the way!




Amanda Ortega

You are such a strong, beautiful and amazing woman!!! I am so encouraged by your spirit and hope my friend!



God wanted these people in your life and i know they are not going to be the same after meeting you, after seeing your faith and walk. So ironic that after all those no “cocktails” years… you get two prescribed now by doctors. Still praying for ya and know that though we may never know the why, we can trust that God is using this and your faith is glorifying Him.


Erville Orndorff

Good morning Jenn. Joni sent me your blog so that I can stay in touch with you. I just want you to know that you are in my prayers. I will look forward to your updates each day. May God bless you.

Love you Erville



Keep going!!!! One day at a time. Love you and praying HARD! By the way I love her Rx for margaritas….my favorite!!! Thanks for your blog. Keeps us all part of this with you. Till tomorrow.




Keep trusting the LORD and “unwind” today! I am praying hard and want to go out with you whenever you feel like getting out. Enjoy the time with your family.




Hey Jenn,

I am gonna be walking along side you on this journey…all the way from Calif. And if I get to visit Dallas anytime soon I will call you and expect to get together with you for Margaritas….(and you better not try to slip me any of that Jenn Juice!!)

Love you and am praying for you my friend!



You are AMAZING! So, are you thinking of long and short in one color, or multiple? That might be really fun  Just trying to make you laugh!

Love you!!!!!



Rock on sister! Give cancer the fight of the world- this is your war today. Go get em! xoxo


Claudia Marks


Thank you for posting. You are such an encouragement to all of us and I look forward to seeing God’s healing in you. Bless you my friend.


Teresa Wilmoth


We had dinner when you first got to Dallas, I am freinds with Kristie Wyman..anyway..I am praying for you!! I am at Medical City so if you need ANYTHING or ask me 214-557-8727. Your surgeon rocks, Im curious about your med Oncologist??



Tina Johnson

Hi Jenn,

You are in my prayers. I admire your strength and courage. Thank you for letting us, your friends, be a part of this journey with you.


Tina J.


Sandy Stephens


I have thought about nothing else since hearing the news last night from Sandi. I am so impressed with the strength your blog shows…the Lord is good…and we all love you. I will do anything you need me to do…shopping, laundry, just let me know. I appreciate your starting the blog so all of us can keep up. You are SO LOVED by so many and we will be there for you. So sorry this has happened but loved your comment that you are separate from your boobs…they don’t define who you are That sense of humor will carry you far…

Love and Blessings,



Lisa Egan

Hi Jenn,

I am praying for you. We will walk beside you on this journey, On Our Knees from Ocala. Hugs and Prayers My Friend…


Amanda Bullard

Love you Jenn! Your strength and attitude are so inspiring. I am honored to lift you up in prayer and am looking forward to the day when we hear the words “cancer free.”





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4 responses to “In the Waiting Room

  1. Niki

    Hey Jiffers,
    You are of course in our hearts and prayers. We’ve grown up like sisters and I could love you no less if you were blood. Anything you need, you know who to call!
    Niki Cox

  2. Tammy Mrotz

    Jenn, we just met the one time (thru Joni) yet I am in awe at your strength and attitude. As you have heard many times you are an inspiration and clearly using your voice for Him.

    Know that I too have enlisted to join the army of Prayer Warriors and look forward to the day we can celebrate by giving praise that you conquered this battle.

    Joni will be sending you my contact info so I can be another contact & resource to help with the “day to day” stuff.

    Big warm hugs for you


  3. Jessica

    May God’s healing powers flow over you today and everyday. We are sending love from Floriday…..Jim, Jessica & Kim

  4. Andrew Long


    I just wanted to know that i’ve been thinking about you a lot these last few days. You are in my heart and prayers. If there is anything i can do for you, all you have to do is ask. That is sincerity, not hospitality. I’ll always be your little brother too.

    Andy Long

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